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Kevin Russell: Photos

nice guitar, yes?
with Layne scratching out something like bluegrass the hell do you play one of these things?
got the glasses from Red Knuckles
with Audrey Auld at Hardly Strictly Fest
With Audry Auld at Hardly Strictly Festival
cool shirt, eh?
Rangers ready!
killing time with Zirbel at Hardly Strictly Fest
The Rhythm Rangers !!
Michael, Kevin, Markie & Layne 2010
Modern Hicks in my backyard
The Laughing Gravy army of musicians take over another venue!
Me & Solid Air (Allegra & Sam)
Lucky Dawgs go acoustic at Hardly Strictly Fest
Under the Radar 2010
Chip, me & Ted...the original UtR
the original UtR at Rancho